December 11

Read: Genesis 1


Can you imagine watching each plant appear and each ocean spread out? How cool to know from yesterday that Jesus was there in the beginning and He was creating all of the things!

God looked at all of His creation and said it was good. He looked at the people He made and He said they were “very good”. Have each person in your family share their favorite thing that God created. What would you call “very good”?

The Christmas season is a beautiful time where we can celebrate many good things that God has created and given us: our family, our friends, music, sugar cookies! As we enjoy these gifts from God, let’s celebrate the Creator and Ruler of our world.

Pray: Take turns praying through the alphabet. The first person thanks God for something that He made that starts with “A”. The second person thanks God for something He made that starts with “B”. See if you can continue all the way to “Z”.

Do: What would the animals have looked like if you were in charge of creating them? Try it out at: or draw your own animal on a piece of paper.

Did you come up with some crazy things? Good thing God is our creator! He is in charge and knew exactly how this world needed to be.