December 12

Read: Genesis 3:1-13


Have you ever felt like you mess up a lot? Not just silly accidents like the kids in this video… but real mess-ups. All those times that you know the right thing to do and you don’t do it? Again and again!

Adam and Eve, the very first people God made, ended up making the very first mistake. What did they do wrong? This mistake was the very first sin in the world. Sin is when we know the right thing to do and we don’t do it (James 4:17). The Bible tells us everyone sins and messes up (Romans 3:23). No matter how hard we try, we cannot fix our sin problem by ourselves. We just keep messing up. And that yucky sin separates us from God.

What does this have to do with Christmas? Everything! We keep messing up but we can’t take care of our sin problem by ourselves. God sent Jesus to take care of our sin problem. That’s what Christmas is all about!

Pray: Give each family member a small piece of paper. Have each person privately write down one sin they need forgiveness for. Pray privately and ask God to forgive. Now tear those papers into tiny bits and throw them away. Jesus came to take away our sin problem!

Do: Sin makes our hearts yucky before God. Make plans to make this yucky Christmas slime as a reminder of how gross our sins really are.