December 13

Read: Exodus 20:1-17


Long after Adam and Eve, God made Moses the leader of His people. In the Scripture you just read, God gave Moses and the people His laws for how to live. God knew what the people needed to do in order to have the very best life.

It didn’t take long for the people to break God’s rules. No matter how hard they tried, they would do the wrong thing. They would sin. Talk to your family about a rule that you sometimes have trouble following.

God’s rules showed them the right way to live, but they also showed them that they couldn’t be like God wanted them to be on their own. We needed a perfect Someone to take care of our sins and make us right before God.

Christmas isn’t just about sparkling lights and presents. It is about the BEST present. God sent His son to take away the sins of the world.

Pray: Spend a few quiet minutes thinking about rules that you have broken. Pray this together: “God, show us when we sin and help us come to you for forgiveness. Thank you for sending Jesus to forgive us of our sins.”

Do: Play charades as a family. Pick one person to go first. Choose one of the Ten Commandments to act out without speaking. See if the rest of your family can guess it! Talk about how hard it is to keep all of the rules. Remind each other that this is why Jesus came at Christmas! Because we can’t keep them all!