December 14

Read: Isaiah 9:6-7


Have you ever tried to predict something? Try this – have one family member hold up fingers behind their back. You guess how many they are holding up. How did you do?

God’s people kept ending up in a lot of trouble because they couldn’t follow God’s laws. God sent prophets to tell them that one day a Messiah would come to take care of the sin problem once and for all! Hundreds of years before Jesus was born, there were over three hundred prophecies, or predications, made Jesus. Every single one came true through Him. Every. Single. One.

Want to check out what some of these prophecies were? You can do that here:

Pray: God spoke to the Old Testament prophets, but He can speak to us too. Put some quiet Christmas music on. Pray altogether and say, “God, we want to hear from You.” Then spend a few quiet minutes waiting and listening for Him to speak to your heart.

Do: Yesterday you played charades, today try playing reverse charades. One family member will act out a Christmas carol. Before they do, another family member will “predict” what Christmas carol it will be by writing it down on paper. After they act it out, see if the prediction was right.

Talk about how limited we are at predicting what is going to happen. Talk about how the Old Testament predicted over 300 things about Jesus! Listen to and sing this Christmas song together about a coming Messiah.