December 16

Read: Luke 1:39-47


Aren’t babies just the cutest? Share with your family about the cutest thing you’ve seen a baby do before.

Today’s story has two babies in it, but neither are even born yet! Mary’s relative, Elizabeth, was also pregnant with baby John (who would grow up to be John the Baptist). What did the verses say that John did in his mom’s stomach when Mary greeted her? He leaped with joy! Even before He was born, Jesus brought joy to others. After greeting Elizabeth, the Bible says Mary sang praise to God.

Christmas time can be a time of great joy. It can also be a tough time for people for lots of reasons. Can you think of something people would be happy about at Christmas time and something people might be sad about?

Whatever is going on in your family this Christmas season, help each other focus on the joy that Jesus brings. Look for opportunities to celebrate and to share that joy.

Pray: Let each person in the family take a turn praying for the person on the right. Pray for God to fill that person with the joy of Jesus this Christmas.

Do: Work together to write your own short praise song sharing your joy with God. You could even add some beats at this site: