December 18

Read: Luke 2:1-5


Mary and Joseph had to travel a long way! What is the longest trip you have ever been on? What was fun about traveling that far? What was not so fun? To make it even harder, Mary was really, really, really pregnant! There were no airplanes or cars… just a donkey. And, when they got to Bethlehem there was nowhere to stay! Sounds like a frustrating trip to me.

Whatever journey we are on, whether it is a long trip or just walking through life, Jesus is our peace in the middle of it. Not only does Jesus forgive our sins, but He also wants to take all of our cares and anxieties. (1 Peter 5:7) We can chill out when things don’t go our way because He is in control.

Pray: Will you be traveling over the holidays? Will you be in situations where things might not go your way? Pray that God will help you seek and choose His peace as you are in these situations.

Do: Play this game together as a family: Ask all of the participants to sit on chairs or the floor or stand in a circle. The first person says: “Mary and Joseph are going to Bethlehem and they are taking a donkey”. The next person says: “Mary and Joseph are going to Bethlehem and they are taking a donkey and a cooking pot”. The next person repeats what the second person said and adds an object. People keep taking turns until somebody forgets the objects or the order in which they are given. This person is out and does not take part in the game any more.

The game finishes when nobody can remember all of the objects in the right order anymore.

Try this cute donkey craft to put on your tree or give away!