December 19

Read: Luke 2:6-7


And in just those two verses, the Savior of the world is born. If you read too fast you might miss it. Born in a stable and laid in a manger, the one who will save us from our sin has come into the world. At this point only Mary, Joseph, and the animals knew. In a few years, many more people will learn who He is, but for now, in the quiet, He is a tiny baby in a manger. But, oh, what an important baby!

How would your life be different if Jesus had not been born in that manger? Let parents share first!

Pray: Sing this song together and then pray, thanking God for sending Jesus into the world.

Do: Go online and arrange your own nativity scene or draw your own picture of what you think it looked like around the manger.

The game finishes when nobody can remember all of the objects in the right order anymore.

Follow these instructions to make a tasty nativity snack.