December 20

Read: Luke 2:8-14


Good news of great joy! What an exciting message. And did you notice who the angel said the good news was for? All people! God chose to first tell some smelly, hard-working shepherds that Jesus had been born. Jesus came not to just bring His joy and forgiveness to certain people or “lucky” people or rich people or famous people. He came for all people. All people need Him. We all sin and we all need forgiveness. Every person, from the shepherd to the king, needs to hear this good news of great joy.

Pray: Let each family member take a turn to pray for the family member sitting next to him/her. Pray that they will know the joy of Jesus this Christmas and will share that joy with others.

Do: How can you share the good news of great joy today? Pick one of the following to do with your family or come up with your own plan:

  • Share some Christmas treats with a neighbor.
  • Go caroling together.
  • Make some Christmas cards and take to a local nursing home