December 21

Read: Luke 2:15-20


Time for a Christmas dance party! Get up and dance!

The shepherds were so excited about the good news that the angels brought. What do you do when you hear super exciting news? The shepherds went running to see baby Jesus. Then they praised God and told everyone about it!

We talked yesterday about sharing the good news of Jesus with those around us. Did you know there are kids in other parts of the world who have never even heard His name? Watch this video to learn about these kids:

Pray: Cut strips of paper to create a Christmas chain. On each strip write the name of a people group that has not been reached with the gospel. You can go to this list and pick groups. Pray for each people group that God would help them hear the good news of great joy.

Do: Go to either the World Vision or Samaritan’s Purse Christmas catalogs. See if there is something your family can send as a Christmas gift to a child in another part of the world.