December 22

Read: Luke 2:52, Hebrews 4:15


How much do you think you’ve grown this past year? Talk with your family about your favorite memory since last Christmas. Just like you are growing, Jesus grew up too.

Jesus lived an amazing life. What were some of the things you heard that He did. What is even more amazing is that He never sinned. In all his years as a kid, as a teenager, and as a grown up, He never did one thing wrong. He was perfect! The Bible said He faced all the same junk that we did, but He never sinned.

Pray: Take turns praying, youngest to oldest. Thank Jesus for coming and living a perfect life for us.

Do: Divide the room in half. Crumple up 20 or so pieces of paper and place 10 on one side of the room and 10 on the other. Divide your family so that half of your people are on one side and half are on the other. On “go” your job is to throw the crumpled paper from your side to the other side. However the other side will be throwing onto your side. Set a timer for 1 minute. At the end, see which side is completely empty of the paper balls.

Why was it hard to get your side completely clean? This game is like sin in our lives. We continually mess up. Sin just keeps coming. Only Jesus is perfect and never sinned! That’s why He came to be our Savior.