December 23

Read: Matthew 27:45-54; Matthew 28:1-9


After several years of teaching and doing really cool miracles and pointing people towards God, something terrible happened. Jesus was accused of doing bad things. He had never done anything wrong. Some people got very mad at Him. They arrested Him. They put Him on a cross and He died. It was the saddest day ever.

But, see, God had an amazing plan. The Bible says that the payment for sin, what we deserve for sin, is death. Someone had to die to take the punishment for our sin. That’s what Christmas is all about! The reason Jesus came as a baby in the manger was to grow up and die for our sins.

But… dying on the cross was not the end of the story!

Jesus is alive! Jesus beat death! Jesus made a way for us to go to heaven!

Pray: Watch this video and talk about it together.

Is there anyone in your family who has not trusted in Christ as Savior? What a wonderful Christmas present that would be.

They can pray today:

Dear God,
I know that I sin and need your forgiveness. Please forgive me. I believe that Jesus died for me and that He rose from the dead for me.
Please be in charge of my life.
In Jesus Name I Pray,

If everyone in your family is already a Christian, spend a few minutes praying for people that you know who aren’t.

Do: Draw a Christmas card for someone else that shares what Jesus did for them.