December 24

Read: Philippians 2:5-11


We have spent the last couple of weeks thinking about the life of Jesus and why He came to earth. Today’s verses sum up how amazing Jesus is and what He did for us.

  • He is God.
  • He became a servant.
  • He became human.
  • He was obedient and died on the cross.
  • God has exalted Him.
  • His name is above every name.
  • Everyone will one day bow to Him.

The precious baby that we celebrate at Christmas grew up to be our wonderful Savior!

As you get ready for Christmas tomorrow, spend a few minutes worshipping together as a family.

Pray: Thank Jesus for how great He is, together one word at a time. Pick a person to start and what order you will pray in. One person says one word, the next person says the next word, continue on until someone says “Amen”.

Do: Write a letter to Jesus telling Him why you think He is a great Savior. Younger kids can say theirs out loud for someone else to read or can record it.